We are now in a time where seriously good, seriously high-powered software tools are available to anyone. These tools are generally usable even by those with very little clue as to how to use them properly, and commonly with no clue at all as to how they work. Those able to use them properly produce good stuff, those unable to use them properly produce bad stuff. In between there is every possible level of variation.

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Possible, probable….

The only things that definitely will not happen are those that break the laws of physics, and those that break fundamental human behaviours. Everything else is at least possible. To see if it’s probable, just imagine it being really easy and really cheap. If the picture changes, then that thing is probable.

Karl Auer, June 2007

IPv6 as the Ark

I just found this in my archives as part of a discussion about IPv6 uptake:

The point is that the storm clouds have well and truly gathered, thunder is rolling in the hills, great big rain drops are splotting into the dust all around us, and what are we  doing? Wandering around the outside of the Ark tut-tutting about the quality of the  woodwork and loudly suggesting the construction of various sorts of rowboats.

Karl Auer, 2008