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Karl's Home Page

This is my personal web page.
My blog is here.
Professionally, I am a director of Nullarbor Consulting Pty Ltd,
and of Into6, an IPv6 specialist consultancy.
And I do amateur theatre with Footprint Theatre.

You can always get to me via my personal email address:

My phone number is +61-2-64957160
My mobile phone number is +61-428-957160

My GPG public key (fingerprint F0AB 6C70 A49D 1927 6E05 81E7 AD95 268F 2AB6 40EA) is here.
My previous GPG public key (fingerprint E00D 64ED 9C6A 8605 21E0 0ED0 EE64 2BEE CBCB C38B) is here.


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