DHCP examples

In case someone finds them useful, here are some sample dhcpd sample files, based on actual configuration files in use where I work. We use the ISC DHCP suite, 3.0.1rc4 at time of writing. You can find the server and lots of useful information at www.isc.org.

These examples are no substitute for reading the man pages supplied with the distribution! These are just examples and WILL NOT work for you "as is". And they only contain what I (or others) have found useful, so not every feature is represented.

The top-level config file just includes a peer declaration and the master configuration file. If you are not using failover (failover doesn't work properly at time of writing) you should not have any peer declarations.

If you are using failover, note that the peer files are different on primary and secondary, though the master config files should be identical.

The startup script is primitive but effective, especially the restart option. Note that having the startup options outside the script is useful, but a slight security risk.

These files form a complete working configuration at our site:

This file contains useful fragments relating to configuring DHCP with Dynamic DNS (DDNS):

This file contains Microsoft Windows-specific fragments:

If you want to expand these samples, please email me suitable sections for inclusion (no complete config files, please).

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Page last updated 14 January 2002