We are now in a time where seriously good, seriously high-powered software tools are available to anyone. These tools are generally usable even by those with very little clue as to how to use them properly, and commonly with no clue at all as to how they work. Those able to use them properly produce good stuff, those unable to use them properly produce bad stuff. In between there is every possible level of variation.

Computers used to be expensive. Operating systems and software used to be expensive. They were placed only in the hands of those who had gone through stringent testing to prove that they were capable of using them correctly. Now computers are cheap and operating systems and software are mostly free. And there’s a global network that lets it all communicate.

The obvious result is that a million monkeys will start investigatin’. They will stick their little hands into every opening. Some will piss into them. They will remove the panels. They will twiddle every knob and tug on every wire. They will shout into microphones and leer into webcams. They will pick up things that other monkeys have made and try to wear them as hats. They will rearrange things. Some will lose fingers.

This wave of furry little idiots is humanity with a new toy, as important a new toy as the quill once was. This is us, now.

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