CreateNSW doesn’t like what got created

CreateNSW is a NSW government agency that is supposed to promote creativity. But when one of the beneficiaries of a grant made through Screenworks, a charity CreateNSW supports, made a fairly pointed video about climate change, CreateNSW stepped in to demand it be taken off the Internet – in this case, taken off Facebook and removed from Instagram.

If you’d like to read about their CreateNSW’s nasty little efforts, here is the story by the Guardian. The story contains a link to a copy of the video on Vimeo. And here is a direct link to the video on Vimeo.

To make sure that CreateNSW feels the full impact of the Streisand Effect, do please view the video. Though to be fair, I reckon it is most likely that the current Minister for the Arts in NSW sent down instructions from on high.

Anyway – let Thunderbox Films know you support them. You can contact them via their website at

And, if you can, do also please let CreateNSW know what you think of their smallmindedness. Contact details – an email address, a postal address and even (if you want to go pound a desk in person) their street address can be found on their website at And for good measure, why not tell the Minister at 52 Martin Place SYDNEY NSW 2000?

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