CreateNSW doesn’t like what got created

CreateNSW is a NSW government agency that is supposed to promote creativity. But when one of the beneficiaries of a grant made through Screenworks, a charity CreateNSW supports, made a fairly pointed video about climate change, CreateNSW stepped in to demand it be taken off the Internet – in this case, taken off Facebook and removed from Instagram.

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The cure for darkness is light. Not more darkness.

The matter of data centre security was raised recently on a network mailing list I subscribe to. Someone was wondering if data centres checked incoming equipment for “bad stuff” – explosives and what-not.

The reaction from some was “don’t talk about that, we don’t want to give people ideas”. What a muddle-headed response!

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Digital tear-gas

A discussion started on a network operators list I frequent, about a case where an apparently innocent party, Melbourne Free University, had had its website blocked. Aside from a terse “yes it’s blocked” from one provider concerned, no further information was forthcoming. Here’s one report about it. Continue reading

Little Green Apples

Government: We are taking ALL of your little green apples.

Victim: What?!? That’s so unfair! They are mine!

Government: Nope, we are taking them. All of them.

Victim: I shall go to the Press! To the High Court! To….

Government: Oh alright. We’ll only take HALF your little green apples.

Victim: Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you… I’m so grateful!

Government: You’re most welcome.


Censorship – my position

H L Mencken said “There is always a well-known solution to every human problem – neat, plausible, and wrong.”

Censorship is just such a solution. It is invariably proposed by people who have not thought through what their “solution” really means. It is the equivalent of flinging a sheet over unsightly rubbish instead of disposing of it; it sort of works, but it won’t be long before serious flaws in the plan become apparent.

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