Adding a default route to a TP-Link TD-8817 ADSL router/modem

Once upon a time l was trying to talk to my TP-Link TD-8817 ADSL router/modem. I couldn’t, but I worked out that the reason I couldn’t was because the poor thing lacked a default route. The full story is here, but this blog entry is about how I added the necessary default route. You wouldn’t think that would be a big deaI, but it turns out that adding specifically a default route to one of these units is surprisingly tricky. Continue reading

Mikrotik plus phone dongle = instant hotspot

I attended the Sapphire Coast StartUp Camp this weekend. At one point in the leadup to it, it seemed the venue would have no Internet access, so I suggested setting up a MikroTik router with a GSM phone dongle to provide wifii/LAN and Internet connectivity. In the end an alternative was found, but just for the exercise, our team at the camp used my new hotspot, and it worked really well.

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A new direction

After much time thinking about it, I have kicked off a new business venture – Into6. The new venture specialises in IPv6 – training, analysis, consultancy, technical support, you name it. If you are interested in IPv6, do check out the Into6 website, because that is where I will be doing all my future blogging about IPv6. Over time I will move or copy the IPv6-related blog entries from this site to the Into6 site, too.

As part of starting up Into6, I’ve also set up a Twitter account (@intosix) and you are cordially invited to become a follower by clicking on the button below 🙂 The Facebook page is pretty much a placeholder for now.