CreateNSW doesn’t like what got created

CreateNSW is a NSW government agency that is supposed to promote creativity. But when one of the beneficiaries of a grant made through Screenworks, a charity CreateNSW supports, made a fairly pointed video about climate change, CreateNSW stepped in to demand it be taken off the Internet – in this case, taken off Facebook and removed from Instagram.

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Response to a bad article on My Health Record

Dr Stephen Duckett of the Grattan Institute wrote a particularly poor piece on the My Health Record system. His article is available here:

This post is my response, lightly edited with some footnotes added.

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MyHR – “designed” for patients?

Today on a mailing list I frequent someone accused the Australian Government’s MyHR (“MyHealthRecord”) system of being designed for the bureaucrats, not to further patients’ interests. Another person responded, saying that it was wrong to accuse people of deliberately designing the system that way. Strangely enough I agree with both of them – but the former more than the latter.

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