Restarting Discord in Ubuntu after unsuspending

Discord does not survive suspension on Ubunu Linux (20.04, anyway). This has been the case for several Discord versions now. Searches suggests that it is stumbling on something in the NVidia drivers when the system wakes up. Here’s a solution that doesn’t stop Discord dying, but does restart it automatically it when you unsuspend.

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What a lot of simmering frogs we are…

A network operators’ mailing list I am on has just gone through yet another multi-day discussion of how to comply with Microsoft licensing. No-one understands it. I don’t think Microsoft itself understands it. What finally compelled me to write this rant was this quote from some Microsoft document or other: Continue reading

Malware and the question that never gets asked

Just read this article on the ABC website, about securing your enterprise against malware. They gave great advice – “detect and block at the perimeter and inside the network”, “assess and protect endpoints”, “analyse threats through context”, “eradicate malware and prevent reinfection”, “remediate attacks with retrospective security” and “be sure to implement integrated rules on the perimeter security gateway”. But one important bit of advice was missing.

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Controlling IPv6 source address selection

In a previous article, I discussed how IPv6 source address selection worked. Normally it all Just Works, but there are several situations where you may want or need to control the address selection process. In this article, we’ll look at why you might want to control source address selection, and how you can do it.

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IPv6 Source Address Selection – what, why, how

Source address selection must be very irritated; destination address selection gets all the press coverage.

This article will start to redress the balance, by talking about what source address selection is, why it is needed, and how it works. If you want the nitty-gritty, check out RFC 6724 (which obsoletes RFC 3484).

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