IPv6 Destination Address Selection – what, why, how

IPv6 destination address selection is the process of deciding which IPv6 address a connection should be made to. This is the flip side of IPv6 source address selection, which has been the subject of several earlier articles (start here). Destination address selection is described in the same RFC as source address selection – RFC 6724 (which obsoletes RFC 3484).

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IPv6 as the Ark

I just found this in my archives as part of a discussion about IPv6 uptake:

The point is that the storm clouds have well and truly gathered, thunder is rolling in the hills, great big rain drops are splotting into the dust all around us, and what are we  doing? Wandering around the outside of the Ark tut-tutting about the quality of the  woodwork and loudly suggesting the construction of various sorts of rowboats.

Karl Auer, 2008

Controlling IPv6 source address selection

In a previous article, I discussed how IPv6 source address selection worked. Normally it all Just Works, but there are several situations where you may want or need to control the address selection process. In this article, we’ll look at why you might want to control source address selection, and how you can do it.

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